Style Meets Function With Béaba BabyCook

Giving your baby their first solid food is one of the many highlights of your baby’s first year.  We spend time choosing the perfect outfit, the perfect feeding accessories and the pièce de résistance - the first food.

Our top priority is making sure our child has a well- balanced diet and flavorful options that encourage good eating habits. One way to ensure this is by preparing home cooked meals. Having hearty, carefully prepared meals allow parents and caregivers to provide nutritious food without preservatives.

But with everything that we already have on our plate, how can we include food preparation into our busy schedule?


Image: Beaba Resource Center


Mommies, say hello to our newest kitchen companion - Béaba BabyCook.

For over thirty years the Béaba BabyCook has been taking food preparation to a whole new level, selling over seven million units across the world. It continues to dominate the food preparation category in France, holding 55% of the market share. This award winning  4-in-1 food processor has won the hearts of many families all over the world and it is now available for the Filipino families to enjoy.


Babycook® Neo comes with a glass bowl and a stainless-steel steam basket. 


The BabyCook is a smart appliance that allows you to do multiple tasks like steam cooking, puree and blending while preserving the nutritional value of each ingredient. The automatic shut off timer and sound alarm lets you know if the process is done,  allowing you to multi-task without the fear of overcooking your food, this is why it is dubbed “mom’s new best friend”.


 Babycook® Solo comes in seven different colors including this limited edition red color. 


Each Babycook comes with 1110ml graduated preparation jar which makes it easier to prepare large batches of food to store for the days to come. Designed with the busy family, in mind BabyCook's steam and blend function can be used for chicken and meat allowing you to widen your menu options because you can prepare meals not just suited for your baby's palate but meals that can be shared by the entire family.  



Cook pasta dishes for the entire family using the BabyCook.


 Happy Ongpauco-Tiu shares her famliy friendly recipes using the Béaba Babycook


Reap the nutritional benefits of all the ingredients that you use. The one touch function allows you to perfectly steam your ingredients every time and since you use only one jar, you can use the juices to dilute your puree, no need for artificial bullion broths that contain tons of preservatives.

From cooking, to feeding to storing Béaba has a solution for your mealtime needs

Béaba’s innovative and sophisticated design transcends from food preparation into feeding and food storage. They offer complimentary products like glass food storage containers, multi-portion silicone tray, food bowls and high chairs to make your meal time convenient for the entire family. 



 Béaba Clip Portions are perfect for meals on the go



Silicone multiportions allows you to defrost the correct quantity per meal


Beaba Up and Down High Chair is sleek and is offers an adjustable height that you can use for your table and kitchen counters.  

 Béaba BabyCook and Béaba accessories are available in our retail branches in San Juan, Sta. Rosa and QC. Visit to order online.

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