Hokage Mom By Ninjamade Organic Disinfectant MD-125
Hokage Mom Organic Disinfectant Md-125 is a hospital grade disinfectant with powerful germs and viruses killing action and odour removal to keep a healthy environment. It has the world's largest range of substantiated anti-microbial efficacy. Proven to eliminate 142 pathogens...
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Hokage Mom Power Cleaner 500ml
Degrease * Sanitize * Deodorize The Hokage Mom Power Cleaner is an All Natural is a one-step deep-cleaning solution thatpenetrates on nearly any surfaces including wood, fibre glass, concrete or tiles to eliminategrease and molds with minimal scrubbing. Its germ...
Hokage Mom Natural Toy & Nursery Cleaner 500ml
The Hokage Mom Anti- Microbial Nursery & Toys Cleaner is a plant-based multi surface cleaning solution for toys and hard surfaces around the nursery and home. It effectively and naturally removes sanitizes and eliminate pathogens/bacteria without leaving chemical residues that...
Hokage Mom All Purpose Cleaner 500ml
* Clean  * Sanitize  * Deodorize  Hokage Mom All Purpose Cleaner is your all around cleaning companion made of All Natural Ingredients which effectively helps to get rid of dirt, grease, and grime. Use it for any type of surface...
Hokage Mom Anti Microbial Stainless Steel 360 Cyclonic Spin Mop
Designed to make deep cleaning easier and more efficient, this Hokage Mom Anti Microbial Stainless Steel 360 Cyclonic Spin Mop will definitely change your cleaning game. Use it to Sanitize and Disinfect deep seated dirts and soils from any type...
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