Bellini Honeycomb Bleached Sponge
The Bellini Sponge Honeycomb is a natural sea sponge from the Mediterranean Sea of the “honeycomb” quality, it is well known for its softness and endurance. It is particularly valued during a relaxing bath or shower because of its softness,...
from ₱480.00
Bebesia Dolphin Filter Shower Head - Pink
Bebesia Dolphin Filter Shower Head - Pink
Replace your existing shower head with the Bebesia to enjoy clean and purified water best for your baby's sensitive skin. This is made possible by the 450 micron holes in the Bebesia's shower head water panel that enables the release of...
Bebesia Dolphin Filter Shower Head - Microfilter
Bebesia second filter head (micro filter) filters small particles such as dirt, rust and other harmful particles. This is great for houses and areas with old water pipe system. 6pcs set - good for 1 year!
Bebesia Dolphin Filter Shower Head - Replacement Filter
The Tourmaline Balls increase the alkalinity of the water and produce anion which can boost body metabolism, mental strength, relieve stress, and fatigue. The silver balls sterilize the water and trap microorganisms, viruses, and molds.
Bebesia Dolphin Filter Shower Head - Silicone Fixing Ring
Silicone Fixing Ring for Bebesia Dolphin Shower head
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