Swim Trainer Classic
The patented SWIMTRAINER "Classic" offers babies and children the following:   The best possible swimming position and support in the water Specialized, early support of the natural swim reflex in infancy. Independent movement in the water Sufficient freedom of movements...
Banz Nappy Swim Diapers
Why choose soggy, bulky disposable swim diapers, when little kids love the feel-good freedom of our hygienic swim diaper? Soft and stretchy UPF 50+ protection in a fully-lined inner swim diaper that keeps solids neatly contained. Earth-friendly.  Our baby swim...
Zoocchini UPF50+ Baby Swim Diaper & Sun Hat Set
Your little one will look oh-so-cute taking a dip in the ocean or the pool, and your baby's swim will also be pool-friendly! ZOOCCHINI's worry-free Reusable, Waterproof Swim Diaper & Sunhat Sets for your baby have UPF sun protection and...
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