Red Castle Cocoonababy Ergonomic Cocoon
Red Castle Cocoonababy Ergonomic Cocoon
Red Castle Cocoonababy Ergonomic Cocoon
Red Castle Cocoonababy Ergonomic Cocoon
Red Castle Cocoonababy Ergonomic Cocoon

Red Castle Cocoonababy Ergonomic Cocoon

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The Cocoonababy® is an ergonomic cocoon which accompanies the newborn during the first months. It makes the transition between the mummy’s tummy and the outside world a gentle one. In it, the baby regains movement close to that in the womb.

  • Ease of use: Stitching around the neckline of the fitted sheet indicates where to position your baby’s head.

  • Serenity: The tummy band retains baby in place

  • Adjustable: The adjustable, removable wedge (placed below the fitted sheet) adapts the Cocoonababy® to the baby’s size and provides him with support in the curved posture.

  • Durability: High resilience foam which has the capacity to resume its initial shape. Guarantee of the foams’ longevity and quality.

  • Hygienic: The washable, water repellent full protective cover ensures perfect hygiene.

  • For 0-3 months

  • Made in France


  • Improves the quality and length of the baby’s sleep and that of parents. Reduces waking with a start thanks to baby’s gently curved posture and the containing, cocoon shape.
  • Limits GERD and eases intestinal transit thanks to the 20° slope and the flexion of baby’s hips.
  • Encourages the child’s balanced development by facilitating motor responses within his means during moments of calm wakefulness. Harmonized perception of his hands and of his proprioceptive entries.
  • Helps reduce the risk of plagiocephaly and become a therapeutic care tool in case of preferential attitude.


  • For use from birth (from 2.8 kgs/6 lb 3 oz) and until the child starts trying to roll over (3 months).
  • During periods of sleep, a baby should lie on his back (as recommended by experts with regards to SIDS).
  • Use in a cot on a firm cot mattress with the base in the lowest position and the depth, from the cot mattress up, over 50 cm, or on the floor on a carpet, or as a baby bed when traveling.
  • Do not use in a Moses basket, a rocking cradle, or in a stroller carrycot.
  • When a baby is awake, take him out of the Cocoonababy® and play with him on a playmat, carry him in your arms or in a baby wrap carrier.

  • During the day under parental supervision, it is important to very baby’s points of contact in «off-centre dorsal» positions
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