Baby Plus Prenatal Education System
Baby Plus Prenatal Education System

Baby Plus Prenatal Education System

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All parents want their children to have the best start in life. A prenatal vitamin is known to be beneficial toward a baby’s early, strong physical start. BabyPlus does the same thing for a child’s healthy cognitive start. BabyPlus helps give your child a better chance of being self-soothing, attentive, curious, and of reaching important infant development milestones in the strongest way.

BabyPlus is a patented learning system shown to strengthen your baby’s cognitive development in many ways. With BabyPlus, your baby simply learns to differentiate between two natural sounds. It’s tailored to the prenatal developmental stages, leading to so many lifelong benefits!

Benefits of BabyPlus ®

BabyPlus® parents report babies at birth and infancy:

  • Are more relaxed & alert at birth
  • More readily nurse
  • Display increased ability to self-soothe
  • Are more interactive & responsive

And later in life demonstrate:

  • Earlier developmental milestones
  • Longer attention spans
  • Improved school readiness
  • Strong learning skills


Neuroscience is finally moving in upon a complete picture of how and why BabyPlus offers an appropriate developmental experience for nourishing the lifetime cognitive hence behavioral resources an increasingly challenged world requires.

Here are a few examples of how research continues to unveil and reinforce the potential of prenatal learning:

MedicalXpress, July 8, 2015, “Research provides evidence of learning and memory six weeks prior to birth” by Bobbie Mixon – excerpts:
“Research on early developmental exposure to sound suggests babies begin to acquire knowledge in the womb by their 34th week in utero, three weeks earlier than previous research had shown.

Research led by Charlene Krueger, an associate professor at the University of Florida’s College of Nursing, and published in the journal Infant Behavior and Development, provides evidence that what fetuses hear by their 34th week in utero can inspire learning. That’s three weeks earlier than than the evidence of learning detected by previous research.

By the 38th week of pregnancy, memory is evident; births normally occur around 40 weeks…”

“…Lab testing involved measuring the fetuses’ heart rates while the unborn babies listened to a recorded female voice repeat the same nursery rhyme that was spoken at home by the mothers...

“…Krueger and Garvan concluded that the fetuses in the experimental group were responding to the nursery rhyme; that they begin to show evidence of learning by 34 weeks gestational age; and that they are capable of remembering what they hear inside the womb.”

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Baby Plus Prenatal Education System

Baby Plus Prenatal Education System

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