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Smart Watch for Kids

Smart Watch for Kids

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Introducing dokiWatch, the world’s most advanced 3G smartwatch for kids 6-12 years old. It is a wearable phone and locator that combines video calling, voice calling, messaging, and location-tracking capabilities into one simple device. dokiWatch anticipates what families need in order to keep connected.

Not all kids are ready for smartphones yet. With dokiWatch, kids can lead an active childhood while parents can enjoy the security of knowing that they are safe.

The Dokiwatch is a Smart watch that is specially designed for tots and kids! (some say it's great for husbands too 😅) It has full functions as follows:

1. voice and video calling and receiving only to authorized numbers (this means suspicious entities wont bw able to be in contact with your child)

2. GPS tracking saved up to 1 month! (You can see your childs movement in the map for up to 30days)

3. SOS function that your child can press when he or she is in trouble. (It also records 60 seconds of audio that you can listen to and save when this button is pressed)

4. It has an integrated app that you can easily download to keep track (even for multiple watches for multiple children) edit settings and functions and modify.

5. It has an lcd screen for easier use especially for younger kids.

6. You and your child can send and receive voice notes and emojis to each other (parent can even send text messages for children who can already read)

7. Alarm clock functions lets you set times and days to remind your child to i.e. wake up, time for school, time for bed etc.

8. Location limit notifies you when the child leaves a set area within a specific time frame (example 12 to 4pm mon to fri 100m around school area) you will be alerted when child leaves this set location.

9. Class mode can be set so that your child wont be able to play with the smart watch when in class. (SOS function and GPS still active)

10. Tracks and encourages your child to be active with its super fun Doki Pet (like tamagochi) that grows when your child reaches certain milestones or steps and movements required.

PLUS! siblings and friends that have Dokiwatches can add each other using a unique QR code so that they can reach each other! How cool is this thing? Especially for school age kids who aren't yet ready for a smart watch.

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