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Meal for babies from 8 months

When you’re vegetarian, it’s often a headache trying to find tasty dishes for your child. Well look no further, as we’ve been off to the Mediterranean to find our favourite vegetable. A vegetable full of character, to which our Chef has added the mildness of penne. And since we promised to keep nothing from you, it seems that adding a pinch of Parmesan is what gives this recipe the final touch.


Why is this organic meal so good ?

 The subtle bitterness of the eggplant, the mildness of Italian-style penne, the sweet taste of the Mediterranean tomatoes, a dash of olive oil… what a great way to enable your child to discover the joys of the Dolce Vita!
Because in this little dish, there are only organic produce. And if we’re proud of that fact, it’s in order to guarantee your child wholesome products that are environmentally-friendly: none of our ingredients have been mistreated with GMOs, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers during their rearing or cultivation.
Because in accordance with current EU legislation, our flexible sachet is free from bisphenol A and phthalates. And above all because it requires much shorter sterilization of the ingredients than conventional baby-food in jars – and that in turn means the flavours are preserved better !

Tips for preparation:
To enjoy at its best, we recommend re-heating the sachet for 1 minute in a pan of boiling water. For those in a hurry, empty the contents of the sachet out onto a plate or open it and place it directly into the microwave. Heat for 30 seconds @ 750 W (time should be adjusted according to the power of your oven). Stir and check temperature. It’s ready!

Before opening, store at room temperature and once opened for up to 24 hours in the refrigerator.

Contains: grains, gluten

Worth knowing: 
This sachet has been chosen to preserve all the flavour of our recipes. It is free from bisphenol A and phthalates, in accordance with current EU legislation.

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