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Lactation Super Momma Cookies: Milkin Super Momma
Mommy Treats

Lactation Super Momma Cookies: Milkin Super Momma

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Serving suggestion:

Daily serving: 2 cookies/day

1-Week Supply: 14 cookies

2-Week Supply: 28 cookies

1-Month Supply: 56 cookies

Feel super as you munch on these yummy oatmeal cookies that are super-filled with superfood stars Chia Seeds & Flaxseeds!

These treats are super sources of Omega-3, Fiber, Calcium, Vitamin C, Phosporus, Magnesium, Protein, and Antioxidants!

Not only that! We also boosted these babies with Folic-rich Wheat Germ! Perfect for (you guessed it right!) expectant moms, too! 

Our Super Momma Cookies are super-sized (it’s almost as big as half my hand!) but we still made sure that they’re still calorie-controlled like our other treats

Each serving size (2 super momma cookies a day) contains a maximum of 150 calories! Yay! Because we want you to feel super energized and super happy — not super heavy! (haha!) 

They come in new super exciting flavors too! We have our classic chocolate chip overload, our festive cranberry walnut with white choco chip, and our edgy (non-dairy!) almond ginger! Sounds super yummy, right? 

Apart from the super benefits that all our super momma cookies have, the fresh ginger in our almond ginger cookies also help ease nausea during pregnancy and help with the let-down reflex when breastfeeding. Awesome!

These new Mommy Treats will come in 2 super variants:  Expectant Super Momma (prenatal) and  Milkin’ Super Momma (lactation)!

Expectant Super Momma (prenatal): contains Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, and Wheat Germ

Milkin’ Super Momma (lactation): contains Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Fenugreek, and Brewer’s Yeast


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