Nuud Start Pack 15ml (The Carefree Deodorant) in Black

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Meet the natural deo that actually works.

Nuud consists of 10 natural ingredients and takes care of the bacteria that cause smelling. Nuud doesn’t cover smells with perfume and doesn’t clog the pores but still keeps you fresh for an average of three days.

Nuud uses micro silver (99.9% pure Ecocert silver) to neutralize bacteria that causes smell. The rest is basically ecological oils to keep it in its place.
Nuud Starter Pack (enough for an average of 7 weeks average)
Totally Innocent
  • No Aluminum, no fragrances, no vague chemicals, no alcohol
  • Not tested on animals, 100% vegan
  • No clogging, no staining
  • 100% recyclable bioplastic sugar cane tube
  • Biodegradable cardboard box
  • Sustainable production % distribution
Highly Effective
  • Prevents odor by neutralizing bacteria with micro silver-remove
  • Odor-free from 3 to 7 days with one application-remove
  • Sports or showering have no effect on Nuud’s effectiveness
  • Super concentrated: 20 ml tube lasts for 10 weeks
  • Patented formula

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