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• Measure the proper dose of medicine into the syringe. Check the amount again. If you have questions call your doctor or pharmacist.
• Attach the syringe to Pacidose.
• Position your child in your lap facing away from you. Introduce Pacidose into his/her mouth and after your baby starts to suck, slowly push the syringe plunger in. Make sure your baby is swallowing before giving more.
• Rinse Pacidose and syringe with water. Do not use the dishwasher. Disconnect to store.
• Give medication when your child is hungry.
• If your child has a difficult time with pacifiers and or medication, take the syringe off and dip Pacidose into another liquid. Let your child taste it and play with Pacidose under your supervision. Once Pacidose is a familiar object then attach the syringe and give medicine through it.
• Give a familiar liquid several times through Pacidose first before loading it with medicine. Then, after the medicine, again give something familiar.
• If your child is suffering from vomiting or diarrhea, Pacidose may be use for oral rehydration therapy. Give small amounts (2.5 – 5 mL) every 20 minutes. By giving small amounts frequently, your baby can regain lost fluids.

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