Mustela Cicastela Moisture Recovery Cream
Mustela’s Cicastela® Moisture Recovery Cream is a safe and effective multi-purpose ointment that delivers soothing relief from head-to-toe. Powered with naturally-derived ingredients to keep skin comfortable, replenished and moisturized. This diaper bag and medicine cabinet must-have works to relieve skin...
Mustela Nourishing Lotion with Cold Cream 200ml
Body lotion becomes a Nourishing lotion with Cold Cream. Nourishing lotion for baby and child with Cold cream for the body, from birth on. Proven efficacy Immediately nourishes dry skin, with long-lasting e ect. Moisturizes. Restores the skin barrier and...
Mustela Nourishing Cream with Cold Cream 40ml
Cold Cream Nutri-protective facial cream becomes Nourishing cream with Cold Cream. Nourishing cream for baby and child with Cold cream for daily face care, from birth on.     Proven efficacy Immediately nourishes dry skin, with long-lasting effect. Moisturizes. Restores...
Buds & Blooms Post Natal Whitening Cream
Mom’s body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy including skin darkening or discolouration caused by pregnancy hormones.Buds & Blooms Post Natal Whitening Cream is lovingly made with a blend of gentle ingredients that will help lighten & brighten...
Biolane Body Milk with Cold Cream
Instantly moisturizes and nourishes baby’s dry skin with long-lasting results.Result: tightness and irritation are soothed. Baby’s skin feels soft and comfortable. A Cold Cream preparation inspired by a time-honoured recipe.Its formula is based on beeswax and sweet almond oil to...
Mustela Soothing Moisturizing Body Lotion
  Proven efficacy Provides an immediate, long-lasting moisturizing effect on baby skin. Soothes to improve the appearance and sensations of tingling and tightness associated with very sensitive skin. Pleasurable to use :  Light and soften texture, designed for baby body...
Kindee Kids Body Lotion 250ml
Kindee Kids Body Lotion 250ml
Kindee Baby Lotion (For newborn or sensitive skin) Soothes and helps protect baby's delicate skin with natural & organic nourishing ingredients Rice Bran Oil, Shea Butter, Grape Seed Oil and Bamboo Extract. Quick absorption while fresh & relaxing scent from...
Biolane Nourishing and Moisturising Cream 100ml
Moisturizes* face and body with dry, sensitive skin. Properties Its formula, with phospholipids and provitamin B5, promotes regeneration of the skin. Rich in amino acids and minerals, it helps reduce redness and irritation. Its complex of nourishing, moisturizing* active ingredients...
Buds Baby BEO Mozzie Clear Lotion 75ml
₱579.00 ₱463.20
Buds Baby BEO Mozzie Clear Lotion 75ml
Buds Everyday Organic with Citronella Oil, Portulaca Extract & Aloe Vera Let your little adventurer enjoy the great outdoors, or the playground without feeding the local insects. Citronella oil repels insects effectively and naturally while Aloe Vera soothes and hydrates....
₱579.00 ₱463.20
Nature to Nurture Baby Lotion 200ml
Formulated with plant-derived ingredients to moisturize skin For use on face, body, creases and folds Talc-free Non greasy and spreads easily Gentle for everyday use Get all the nourishment your baby needs! Hydrate, soften, and smoothen with our natural blend...
Cycles Sensitive Baby Lotion
CYCLES SENSITIVE Baby Lotion is a hypoallergenic and fragrance-free moisturizer that is perfect for daily use. Its fast-absorbing, non-greasy formula moisturizes up to 24 hours. It contains natural emollients that soothe dry, itchy skin and prevent further drying. Contains NO...
Biolane Expert BIO Moisturizing Cream 75ml
Biolane's Nourishing and Moisturizing Cream is now ORGANIC! Efficiently regenerates, soothes and protects your baby’s face and body. Composed of 99% natural origin ingredients, it is hypoallergenic and free of sulfates, alcohol, soap, parabens, phthalates and phenoxyethanol. Made with Inubiom,...
Biolane Dermo-Paediatrics Moisturizing Cream 250ml
  Daily moisturizing* of dry and sensitive atopy-prone skin. Properties Biolane Dermo-paediatrics Moisturizing Cream has been specially designed for deeply lipid-replenishing and soothing very dry and irritated atopy-prone skin of infants and young children. With its very high tolerance formula...
Buds & Blooms Maternity and Breastfeeding Body Lotion 200ml
This Gentle cooling and moisturizing body lotion is specially formulated with rich Cica (Centella Asiatica). This natural ingredient is one of nature's most sought-after skin care secrets!- Hydrates & Nourishes Skin- Non-Sticky Lightweight Formula- Suitable for All Skin Types- Leaves...
Buds Baby Everyday Baby Cream
Buds Everyday Organic Suitable for babies 6 months and above. Benefits Support your growing baby's skin with this rich and protective cream. The luxurious base of Shea Butter and Jojoba, Sunflower, Mecadamia and Sesame oils is oacked with combination of...
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