Join our Nestmom Community Ambassador

Here at The Nest Attachment Parenting Hub we aim to provide solutions for parents in their everyday journey with their little ones.

We would love to work with moms or dads who can adhere to our company’s thrust with sincerity and provide encouragement to parents.

Let’s work together if you are:

  • A new mom or a seasoned mom with a child ages newborn or until 5 years old.
  • Active in at least two social media accounts like IG, Facebook, Tiktok or YouTube to reach a wider audience.
  • Willing to work on own content with relatable and honest experiences on topics such as:
    • Pregnancy
    • Postpartum
    • Parenting in the early years
    • Organizing milestones (Baby Shower, First Birthday, Christenings)
    • Share useful mom-and-baby related products found in our website.

In order to remain authentic and relatable, we are more inclined to work with social media accounts that reflect authenticity and less on promotion and contest participation.

The Nest Attachment Parenting Hub strives to build a community built on love, honesty and sincerity, if you have what it takes to be a Nest Mom Ambassador...
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  1. Post original content and honest feedback about the product/service.
  2. Do regular scheduled posting in your IG feed or IG Stories, about 2 to 3 post per week is ideal.
  3. Make sure you place your unique Ambassador link or coupon link when you post, or place your link in IG bio.
  4. Answer chat board questions with your link only if relevant, refrain from spamming.
  5. Take advantage of posters and templates provided for content ideas and carousel them with your original images.

There are three basic rules:

  1. The person you’ve referred must click on your unique tracking link to make their purchases.
  2. All purchases should be made within 7 days after clicking on your unique tracking link.
  3. The purchases cannot be returned, cancelled or exchanged.

  1. Order should be marked “Paid & Delivered” on system before commission is confirmed.
  2. Commissions should be at least Php 1,000 for payment processing, commission under Php 1,000 will be processed the next cut-off subject to the same minimum.
  3. Payouts will be released every 20th of the current month, for commissions earned from the previous month.
  4. Claiming of commission will be forfeited after 3 months if payout information in the Affiliate Account is not updated and fails to meet the guidelines.

  • Yes, you may use your personal link or coupon to make personal orders. However, these orders will not be converted into commissionable orders. If you will create dummy accounts for this purpose, our system will flag the breach and your ambassador status will be terminated immediately.

  • We are constantly looking for real NestMoms who personally use and believe in our products and share our vision to provide an inclusive and helpful community for Filipino parents. More than the numbers seen in your social media channels, or the beautiful photographs and well thought out captions, we value the hoNESTy and sincerity in your content more. So go ahead and register and let's see if we're a match.