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Mega-Malunggay Food Supplement
Mega-Malunggay Food Supplement
Mega-Malunggay Food Supplement
Mega-Malunggay Food Supplement
Mega Malunggay

Mega-Malunggay Food Supplement

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Mega-Malunggay is a health food supplement which contains Malunggay (Moringa Oleifera) Extract and Sodium Ascorbate which has been known for their value as highly nutritious antioxidant. It contains essential nutrients that are known to protect cells from damage by free radicals, and promotes healthy immune system.

Mega Malunggay provides you with a healthy dose of natural vitamins and high-nutritional energy boost to fit your healthy lifestyle. Each Mega Malunggay capsule contains 500mg Moringa Oleifera powder and 100mg Sodium Ascorbate. Mega Malunggay’s Moringa Oleifera Powder is obtained from a pollution free, insecticide free farms in the Philippines.

Benefits of Malunggay :

  • Malunggay is rich in essentials vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, Vitamin A, Beta carotene and vitamin C.
  • The iron in Malunggay helps prevent iron deficiency anemia.
  • Malunggay helps enhance lactation of nursing mother.
  • Malunggay contains Phytochemicals that are known to have antibacterial and anticancer properties.
  • Malunggay provides you with a daily dose natural vitamins.

Benefits of Sodium Ascorbate:

  • Sodium Ascorbate is a non-acidic vitamin C
  • Sodium Ascorbate is a fast acting form of vitamin C
  • Sodium Ascorbate helps boost immune system
  • Vitamin C encourages collagen production, which is beneficial to a radiant, supple skin.

Who can take Mega-Malunggay?

  • Mother – as a galactagogue (helps enhance breastmilk production) also a good source of iron
  • Children – As an alternative to a daily dose of vegetables and to help treat and prevent malnutrition
  • Adults- As a daily natural multivitamin to boost immune system
  • For Weight Loss- As a supplement to the diet to provide essential nutrients while trying to lose unwanted pounds

How to take Mega-Malunggay?

  • Mega-Malunggay can be taken as it is- in capsule form, once a day or as recommended by your healthcare specialist
  • Mega-Malunggay can be taken out of the capsule and mixed with any beverage of choice, including tea, fruit shakes etc.
  • Mega-Malunggay can be taken out of the capsule and mixed with any food recipe like rice, pastas, soups, or any gourmet recipe to provide a nutritional boost to each meal.


500mg Moringa Oleifera (Malunggay Leaves) + 100mg Sodium Ascorbate (Non-acidic Vitamin C)

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