Baby Moby Cotton Pads
Baby Moby Jumbo Pads made from 100% natural cotton. Using "Water Jet Technology from Japan, it does not use any glue compare to other cotton pads. Water jet technology is used to strengthen the surface of the cotton products instead....
from ₱75.00
Baby Moby Cotton Buds
Baby Moby Cotton Buds are a Japanese quality product made with 100% natural cotton. Fluorescent-free Rotating lid, cleaner, and easier to open With strong paper stick making it durable and environmentally friendly Usage: Use to clean the outside of the...
Baby Moby Sterile Gauze Pads
Baby Moby Sterile Gauze Pads
Baby Moby Sterile Gauze Pads are made with 100% natural cotton, fluorescent-free, and sterilized at high temperatures to ensure cleanliness and safety. 100% natural cotton for disposable usage Sterilized at high temperature to ensure cleanliness and safety Safe for newborns...
Tiny Buds Cottonbuds
After much demand, Tiny Buds Baby Cotton Buds are finally here! Each stick is specially made with US Grade Cotton & Biodegradable Paper Stems. The cotton buds feature a round and spiral tip that is custom-sized for baby’s ears, nose...
from ₱118.00
Baby Moby Gauze Stick Baby Oral Cleaner
Baby Moby Gauze sticks are made from 100% cotton wrapped on paper handle. Super soft 360o brush with wave shape design for easy brushing and keeping baby’s gums, tongue and teeth clean. The brush head is double stitched tightly with...
Baby Moby Premium Cotton Rounds 35 grams
A baby's delicate face and eyes must be wiped with a gentle touch. Wipe clean baby's face with Baby Moby Cotton Premium Cotton Rounds with soft round edge, won't cut baby's skin. Made with Japan's Water Jet Technology to strengthen...
Disposable Sterile Infant Oral Cleaner
- 30 pcs independently vacuum packed for hygiene purposes  - Easy and safe to use on the inside of the baby's mouth - Made of sterile gauze and woo pulp paper handle   Usage: to clean inside of a baby's mouth, etc
Nappi Bamboo Gauze Wash Cloth 3's
Nappi Bamboo Gauze Wash Cloth 3's
DISCOVER OUR SUPER SOFT BAMBOO GAUZE WASHCLOTH The unique material is ultra soft to your baby's sensitive skin and super absorbent.  Nappi Bamboo Gauze Washcloth is gentler for your baby’s sensitive skin and provide more comfort than other gauze. They are...
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