Kiwigarden Yoghurt Drops
This scrumptious snack is our crunchy take on a delicious smoothie with a classic flavour combination. Our yoghurt drops are shaped in tiny morsels perfect for little hands. Each drop melts within seconds, making it a great snack to introduce...
Kiwigarden Greek Style Yoghurt Drops & Strawberry Slices
We took the concept of the all-time favourite strawberries and cream and put our healthy & fun spin on it. NZ grown juicy strawberries carefully sliced served alongside our delicious greek-style yoghurt drops...say no more: a match made in food...
Kiwigarden Greek Style Yoghurt Drops & Whole Blueberries
The king of antioxidants, the blueberry (shhh...don’t tell our cousin strawberry!) met his perfect match in the creamy greek-style yoghurt. Renowned for being superfoods, the duo are simply irresistibly delicious...and don’t get us started on that crunch! A probiotic and...
Kiwigarden NAS Apple Yoghurt Drops
 A delicious snack that pairs our creamy NZ dairy with the yummy taste of locally grown apples. Our "No Added Sugar" recipe and tummy-friendly probiotics make it the perfect snack for babies learning to self-feed.  Proudly New Zealand made with 100% natural ingredients...
Kiwigarden Strawberry Yoghurt Drops 5x9g
A fun and healthy snack that delivers the goodness of probiotic NZ yoghurt and the yummy flavour of antioxidant rich strawberries. Handy individual packed with natural goodness and no nasties. Perfect for the lunchbox and on the go. Proudly NZ made!
Kiwigarden NZ Organic Cheese Bites with Cherry
A dairy-licious snack that features our favourite broccoli and delicious NZ dairy. A great way to introduce more veg to the developing taste buds or enjoy a savoury snack on the go. With no added sugar and fast dissolving drops,...
Kiwigarden NZ Manuka Honey UM5+ Pops
Naturally soothing with NZ Manuka honey UMF5 and a boost of Vitamin C. Lemon flavour. Contains 5 honey pops per box. INGREDIENTS: Cane sugar, glucose syrup (corn), NZ Manuka Honey UMF 5+ (10%), Vitamin C (0.3%)
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