How to make a Gift Registry:

1. Sign in to your The Nest APH Account
2. Fill in all the necessary details.
3. Personalize your gift registry by adding a welcome message and a photo of the celebrant.
4. Assign a password for your registry (optional).
5. You may now share your Gift Registry link to your guest
Please inform your guests if the registry is for pickup or shipping. All registry for pickup that has paid shipping fees will be credited to the registrant upon registry closure.

Important: Please make sure to remember your password. When you send your registry link to your guest kindly include your registry event password. The Nest APH does not have access to the password that you will input.

Please allow us 2 to 3 working days after the last gift order to process and wrap all your gifts before scheduling your pickup.


All Gift Registries created January 1, 2022 onwards will receive a Gift Certificate worth P1000. To qualify for this promo the registry should:
A. Gift Registry should have at least 10 items in the list.
B. Total of 4 orders or more from unique guest accounts.
C. Gift Registry orders should accumulate P10,000 and up.

Important: Gifts purchased using discount vouchers, promo codes, sale items and orders made using the registry admin's own account will not be computed to reach the minimum.

All Gift Registries created January 1, 2022 onwards that accumulated P10,000 worth of gifts before event date will receive a Gift Certificate worth P1000. not in conjunction w/ Other promos.

If you choose to close your registry before the event date, all you have to do is inform our Chat Support or you may reach us on our Social Media Account.

Important: The Nest APH will not process any changes, exchanges or refund items if your guests decides to give you items that are not included in your registry. Likewise if someone gave you a duplicate gift that is purchased outside of The Nest APH gift registry.

- Mommy Rica Tamayo

- Mommy Bea

- Mommy Mary Ramillabo Victoria

- Mommy Mary Ramillabo Victoria

- Mommy Cez Villavert Andress

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