Indigo Baby Jar of Love Healing Balm
Like mommy, like baby-- now in this handy silver tin jar! Made from Peppermint pure essential oils, this minty superstar gel is great for cold, fever, flu, jet lag, motion sickness among other things related to caring for your little...
from ₱175.00
Tiny Buds Calm Tummies Natural Colic Relief Oil
Introducing this new Natural Remedy for Baby's Colic.  Made with Natural Ginger & Fennel Helps Relieve Gas Discomfort Massage Back or Stomach Best used after warm bath or tummy time Helps relax stomach from Colic, Gas, Kabag Pedia Trusted  WHY...
Mama Tales Organic Tummy Balm 0m+
Easy to use, no more messy hands! Made of 100% Natural Extracts. - Reduce bloating, gassy stomach - Helps to relieve wind - Helps with digestion after eating food or milk - Relieves nausea & motion sickness - Safe for...
Fridababy Windi Natural Gas Passer
A natural solution for colic, constipation, and other gas-related problems, the Windi works instantly and does not require ingestion of any drops or medication. The Windi is a single-use tube that helps babies get rid of excess gas. Designed to...
Tiny Buds Hicc - Off Hiccup Relief Oil 30ml
Hic Hic Hic! When babies make this sound it can interrupt playing time and feeding patterns. Hicc-Off is a premium baby oil specially made with natural sunflower and refreshing peppermint that are suitable for baby's skin HOW TO USE DURING...
Babymoov Cloudnest Anti-Colic Newborn Lounger
Original Colic Reducing Nest with a Warm Womb-Like Feel  Built-in heating pad filled with organic flaxseeds naturally soothes baby by mimicking the cozy environment of the mother's womb and of being held Just microwave the heated pouch and insert back...
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