Janod Multi-Activities Cat Baby Walker (J08005)
This attractive multi-activity walker is particularly suitable for learning to walk. Thanks to its height adjustable handle (47 to 53 cm), this walker is versatile and adapts to the size of your child. It is suitable from 12 months to...
Janod Sweet Cocoon Cart with ABC blocks (J04408)
An early-childhood development cart to accompany your baby's first steps. With 20 blocks illustrating letters from the alphabet, numbers and basic shapes, as well as 3 abacus rows to start counting. A range featuring delicate colours and rounded lines, inspired...
Janod Brico’Kids Magnetic DIY Trolley (J06478) Janod Brico’Kids Magnetic DIY Trolley (J06478)
Sold Out
Janod Brico’Kids Magnetic DIY Trolley (J06478)
Wooden trolley with 3 magnetic tools (hammer, screwdriver and wrench), 1 vice, 4 turning gears, 18 accessories (4 nails, 4 screws, 4 bolts, 2 planks with 2 holes, 2 planks with 3 holes, 2 planks with 4 holes). Anti-tilt system...
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