Rico Hand Sanitizer Wipes
from ₱149.00
Rico Hand Sanitizer Wipes
The first quasi-drug product in Korea that can effectively disinfect hands, surfaces, and gadgets. Rico Hand Sanitizer Wipes kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria on contact. Packaging comes with resealable caps to maintain the moisture and quality. Non-drying and can be used...
from ₱149.00
Tokyo Posh Hair Shield Hair Sanitizer
This revolutionary hair care product helps to remove and protect against 99.9% of germs and bacteria while providing non-drying, anti frizz, and conditioning benefits that will make your hair CLEAN and POSH. Not just protects and sanitizesyour hair, it moisturizes...
Alcohol Disinfecting Cleaning Wipes 50 pulls
MeiShiYu, Alcohol Wipes, Ethanol Active ingredient Ethanol 12% v/v, Benzalkonium chloride 0.005% v/v   Purpose: Antiseptic   Purpose Antiseptic   When Using When using this product keep out of eyes.   In case of contact with eyes, rinse eyes throughly...
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Two Little Ducks Disinfecting Wipes - 30 counts
Earth-Friendly Wipes to carry around Gets rid of germs running abound Cleans counters, knob, pet areas, toilet and packages too Disinfects high-touch surfaces to take care of you! Active IngredientsPlant Cellulose, Aqua, Propylene. Glycol, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Glycerin, N-Alkyl(C12 68%; C14...
Sacred Zero Fragrance Moisturizing Sanitizer 90ml
Zero Fragrance Moisturizing Sanitizer made with love for Moms and Kids to help disinfect your hands, toys, surfaces and anything around you so you can enjoy sanitizing anytime, anywhere! CLEAN YOUR HANDS MORE WITHOUT DRYING THEM! We understand how crucial...
COV-X Alcohol Refill Pack 500ml
COV-X Alcohol Refill Pack 500ml
COV-X Alcohol Refill Pack 500ml COV-X Alcohol Refill Pack is a 70% Ethyl Alcohol Solution refill, which is the minimum requirement to kill the coronavirus. COV-X kills 99.9% of disease-causing germs. Can be used as refill for 500ml pumps and...
Two Little Ducks Hand and Surface Disinfectant Spray
Your partner in crime to battle the fluUse on push carts, playmats, parcels and shoesSpritz on your hands every hour or soStay clean and healthy wherever you go!Ingredients: 70% ethyl alcohol, water, glycerine, aloe vera extract, propylene glycol, tea tree...
Two Little Ducks After Play Water Based Sanitizer 200ml
Playtime is over, time to tidy up. With a gentle spray that works nonstop. Protects your baby from germs unseen. Just spray and wipe for an instant clean! Ingredients: Water, tea tree oil, coco beataine, vegetable glycerine, cocamide DEA, and...
Kindee Sanitizer Spray Small 30ml
Kindee Multipurpose Sanitizer Spray 0m+ is gentle and safe for sensitive skin. It is guaranteed performance and safety by Japan Health Organization and food safety. Antiseptic: kills virus, bacteria and mold.Protective: Green Tea extract protects the skinSafe for newborns and...
Sacred Sanitizer Fruit Scent 100ml
Clean your hands without drying them! What to love? Antibacterial Instant & Deep Skin Hydration Plant-based Zero Harmful Chemicals Safe for Newborns Properties: Antimicrobial - effectively eliminates bacteria & germs Honestly Hydrating - protects skin cells from dehydration! Strengthen Skin...
Kindee Hand Sanitizer 6m+
Kindee Hand Sanitiser Spray (Sweet Orange) Soothes the Senses - Orange Essential Oil and Aloe Vera Antiseptic Safety for baby - 100% Natural Food Grade Ingredients Food Grade Alcohol Natural Formula No Parabens No Perfume Hypo-allergenic Tested Net Content: 30ml Recommended...
from ₱250.00
Kindee Sanitizer Spray Multipurpose (Made in Japan)
Kindee Multipurpose Sanitizer Spray 0m+ is gentle and safe for sensitive skin. It is guaranteed performance and safety by Japan Health Organization and food safety. Antiseptic: kills virus, bacteria and mold. Protective: Green Tea extract protects the skin Safe for newborns...
from ₱675.00
Kindee Multipurpose Sanitizer Spray with Case 30ml
This Kindee Multipurpose Sanitizer Spray 0m+ comes with reusable Hello Kitty and My Melody case to keep things handy. Just hang them on your diaper bag or stroller for easy access! Kindee Multipurpose Sanitizer Spray is gentle and safe for sensitive...
Wonder Jane Hygiene Kit
Wonder Jane Hygiene Kit
A complete set of Wonder Jane hygiene essentials in a travel-friendly zip pouch so you can easily take her with you on new adventures.Hand Sanitazer (30ml) - Zap invisible enemies away! Spray on the Wonder Jane hand sanitizer for extra...
Two Little Ducks Alcogel Hand Sanitizer 200ml
When you’re out and about all through the day A little hygiene goes a long way Just a coin-sized drop, rub it nice and slow For clean little hands wherever you go!   Ingredients: 70% ethyl alcohol, water, glycerine, aloe...
Joy in a Bottle Premium Sanitizer
This Lavender and Mint infused alcohol will surely leave your skin sanitized, moisturized and refreshed! 70% Ethyl Alcohol infused with Lavender and Mint Essential Oils
from ₱99.00
Kindee Protective Spray Gift Set
Kindee Protective Spray Gift Set
1. Kindee Protective Spray is a hypo-allergenic product that effectively repels mosquitoes for up to 3 hours with its lavender and eucalyptus essential oil properties! It nourishes the skin with its natural active ingredients, and it is mild and safe for newborns...
Wonder Jane Hand Sanitazer
Zap invisible enemies away! Pump on the Wonder Jane hand sanitizer for extra protection against germs. Ingredients: Ethyl alcohol, witch hazel extract, tea tree leaf oil, aloe vera leaf extract, orange fruit extract, and lavender flower extract. How to Use:...
from ₱285.00
True Protect 100% Biodegradable Sanitizing Wipes
Sanitizing Wipes with 70% Ethyl Alcohol is ideal in sanitizing high-touch areas. Contains Aloe Vera keeping hands soft every wipe.Ideal for hands and smooth surfacesKills 99.9% of germs and 100% Biodegradable.Biodegrades after 78 days.
from ₱88.00
True Protect Hand Sanitizer Spray 50ml Travel Size
Keep protected with True Protect Hand Sanitizer Spray.Spritz your worries away anywhere you go. - Kills 99.9% of Germs - Protection for Hours - Enhanced with Aloe Vera
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