Bonjour Baby Playpen Extension Panel Set of 2 - Grey
A pair of two extension panels transforms the circular playpen into an oval playpen creating additional space for child to walk around and play. Each panel has suction cups at the bottom for a more secure hold.   height: 66.5cm length: 80cm
Bonjour Baby 8 Panel Square Playpen Dover White
The classic 8-panel square playpen is extra roomy, allowing for parents play inside with their babies. Need more space? This playpen can easily be expanded with extension panels for the perfect sized playpen. Bars are evenly spaced to help babies...
Bonjour Baby 8 Panel Circular Playpen - White
Bonjour Baby 8 Panel Circular Playpen - White
8 curved panels made of non-toxic, sturdy PP material, the circular playpen has no corners and allows for fun, uninterrupted palytime Strong suction cups at bottom ensure a secure hold for extra-active babies. 1.5 meter diameter area is larger than...
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