NatureBond Silicone Breast Pump with Silicone Stopper And Strap
Includes patented double-loop NatureBond pump strap Unlike other silicone pumps, new NatureBond pumps do not have uneven pour spouts. In the new version, the spout is removed (advised by lactation consultants) to prevent any discomfort and “piercing” feeling against your...
Naturebond Baby Fruit & Food Feeder 2pcs - Sunshine Orange & Lemonade Yellow
Naturebond Baby Fruit & Food Feeder 2pcs - Sunshine Orange & Lemonade Yellow
All sizes included – 2 x Feeders and Bonus pack of 6 silicone sacs / teats for different ages of baby/toddlers. (2 Large Sizes Sacs are pre-packed with Feeders. Additional 2 Small Sizes and 2 Medium Size included for parents to have more options)....
Naturebond Silicone Baby Bibs 2pcs
High Quality Silicone Baby Bibs in gorgeous, appetite-stimulating colors - Lemonade Yellow and Tangerine Orange • 2 Bibs packed in a BONUS waterproof pouch • Safe For Babies – Food grade silicone and BPA free. NatureBond Silicone bibs are PVC free. Suitable for...
Naturebond Bamboo Cotton Nursing Pads
The Most Natural Beautiful and Comfortable Nursing Pads We always wanted to produce the most beautiful and comfortable set of nursing pads for all moms. It took us a number of years to research on developing cotton nursing pads that...
NatureBond Multifunctional Nursing Cover
Most breathable nursing cover (AirFlow MaxTM) for your little one with millions of micropores that allow air to flow through naturally. Choose our breathable nursing cover that is safe for your baby Made with Premium Fabric that is Comfortable, Stretchable,...
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