Little Baby Grains Ramen Noodles
Ramen all day everyday with Little Baby’s Ramen Noodles. Available in 3 flavours — Perky Pumpkin, Bursting Beetroot and Splendid Spinach — designed for babies 12 months and up! This will surely make meal time so fun and enjoyable to...
Little Baby Grains Vegetable, Rice & Quinoa Pasta (Gluten Free) 7m+
A unique combination of rice, vegetables and the highly nutritious "superfood" quinoa.  Great as finger food or baby-led weaning. Gluten-free. Easy to cook, cooking on stovetop takes about 8-12 minutes.  This pasta is gluten-free making it accessible to babies with...
Little Baby Grains Silky Soft Baby Noodles
Little Baby Grain’s Silky Soft Baby Noodles is suitable for babies 7 months onwards. It’s really soft making it easy to digest and also a great finger-food for baby lead weaning! This will surely make meal time so fun and...
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