Sell With Us!

Local Businesses

The Nest believes in empowering entrepreneurial women by giving them avenues to showcase their products. 

We love to see moms putting their creativity and skills to good use. As you will find, our product roster includes well thought of, quality, locally manufactured products and even some that are handmade with love. So if you have a product or even just an idea, contact us and we shall schedule a time to meet and discuss, brainstorm and see if your product fits the advocacy of our shop.

We would be glad to sell them for you. 

International Brands

For International brands, we are constantly looking for unique and well-branded products to bring into the PH market, so if you see it fit for us to represent your brand as an exclusive distributor in our territory, we very much welcome your proposals and together we can discuss a possible partnership opportunity.

You can drop us an email proposal to or viber 09778720002. 

P. S. We do have some no-nos when it comes to carrying stuff such as food items with short shelf life, product imitations of some sort already in the market or copy-cat designs, items that are used on baby's skin or body that lack safety certifications or FDA approvals, disposable diapers and formula milk (because we advocate for cloth-diapering and breastfeeding).

Hoping to hear from you soon,

The Nest APH Team



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