Yaya Lola Mac and Cheese Sauce (380g)
Dress it up, dress it down.. add bacon, or truffle oil or eat on its own. Enjoy your hidden veggie mac and cheese!  Note: When defrosting, please do not soak bottle in warm water as it might crack. Let it...
Yaya Lola Grass-fed Beef Spaghetti Sauce (380g)
Did you know that Yaya Lola's Grass-fed Beef Spaghetti Sauce has no refined sugar? It's sweetness comes from all the sauteed extra veggies in there!  Note: When defrosting, please do not soak bottle in warm water as it might crack....
Yaya Lola Alfredo Beet Sauce (380g)
Ingredients: Cauliflower, potato, cream, cheese, beet powder & seasoning When defrosting, please do not soak bottle in warm water as it might crack. Let it thaw on the counter or leave in the refrigerator. Heat in a sauce pan to...
Yaya Lola Hidden Veggie Cheesy Spread (250g)
Make healthier sandwiches with Yaya Lola's Hidden Veggie Cheese Spread to beat an afternoon energy slump! Ingredients: Cheese, carrots, potato, squash and seasoning Best stored at the back of the fridge. Consume within a month of purchase.
Yaya Lola Hidden Veggie Choco Spread (250g)
Enjoy a sweet snack without the guilt with Yaya Lola's Hidden Veggie Choco Spread! Ingredients: Squash, choco powder, cream, brown sugar, vanilla, psyllium husk, xantham gum, sunflower lecithin Store in freezer until ready to open. Consume within 2 weeks after...
MommyJ Organic Soy Sauce 12m+ (220 ml)
Traditionally fermented soy sauce. Safest choice compared to other commercial soy sauce in the market. Made with 5 ingredients only!! (organic soybean, organic wheat flour, sea salt, organic sugar cane, and filtered water). No preservatives, no coloring & no chemicals....
Ava's Kitchen Organic Malunggay Pesto 200ml
Made from Fresh Organic Malunggay, this Pesto is perfect to be used as Pasta Sauce or as dips. Just add to cooked pasta or saute with your choice of meat for a quick pasta recipe. Shelf Life: 3 months 
Ivenet Pure Soy Sauce 190ml (10m+)
⁠If your baby is ready for soy sauce, this is the one to buy as the first soy sauce for the little eaters! Two specially different soy sauces for two different types of cooking methods - Soup and Bibim!⁠⁠ For...
Naturali Yacon Syrup 240g
Naturali Yacon Syrup 240g
It is extracted from locally grown Yacon (commonly known as Peruvian Apple) in the fertile lands of Nueva Vizcaya, sweet tasting, yet surprisingly low in glycemic index, as the Yacon's sugars are primarily composed of Fructo-Oligosaccharides. These Fructo-Oligosaccharides tastes like...
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