Mustela 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream
  UNEQUALLED EFFECTIVENESSMustela bébé’s new 123 Vitamin barrier cream has been specially formulated to tackle the factors that triggerirritations and redness at their source thanks to a unique combination of patented natural active ingredients, thus guaranteeing three-fold effectiveness: HIGH TOLERANCE FROM...
from ₱330.00
Sage & Grace Skin Soothe Gel Salve
Skin Soothe Gel Salve (same formulation as previous Skin Relief) for skin allergy flare ups, hives, dry skin, insect bites, diaper rash, bumps, bruises, minor wounds, burns, headaches, nausea and pain relief, it’s an all-around healing gel that soothes and provides...
Tiny Buds In A Rash? 20g
Tiny Buds In A Rash? 20g
Apply on diaper rashes, allergies and skin irritations to relieve redness and swelling. Safe for sensitive skin and moms with PUPPP. Trusted by pediatricians. Non-sticky formula Fast-acting No harsh chemicals Recommended by Pediatricians for sensitive skin
Tiny Buds Quick & Easy Natural Diaper Change Spray
No More stress and mess of cleaning up baby’s bottom after every Diaper Change. To make the process easier, moms (and dads!) can spray this rinse-free natural spray to baby’s messy bottom and wipe away with a Disposable or Cloth...
Tiny Buds Extra Sensitive Natural Diaper Changing Spray
We are very excited to introduce the Extra Sensitive version of our beloved Diaper Changing Spray! This variant is 100% Fragrance Free and Safe for Baby Girls who are more easily prone to rashes and infections.  No More stress and mess of...
Biolane Dermo-Paediatrics Diaper Rash Cream 100ml
Effectively prevents and repairs diaper rash irritation and redness in infants. Properties Its zinc oxide formula (20%), with soothing, softening properties, calms the feeling of irritation. Its balance of panthenol and vitamin E helps to actively regenerate the weakened epidermis....
Cycles Sensitive Protective Diaper Cream 80g
Cycles Sensitive Protective Diaper Cream contains 13% Zinc Oxide to protect your baby’s skin from further irritation and to soothe discomfort from diaper rash. Uniquely formulated with Vitamin E and Bisabolol which speeds up wound healing and prevents scarring. Suitable...
Two Little Ducks After Poo No Rinse Baby Bum Cleaner
This spray gets rid of poo-poo smells And cleans your baby’s butt so well Just a tiny spritz or two Is good for quickie cleanups too! Ingredients: water, tea tree oil, coco betaine, cocamide DEA, and vegetable glycerine. Directions 1....
Biolane Expert BIO Diaper Rash Cream 75ml
Biolane's bestselling Dermo Pediatric Diaper Rash Cream is now ORGANIC! Gently and effectively soothes irritation and rash in your baby’s diaper area. Composed of 99% natural origin ingredients, it is hypoallergenic and free of sulfates, alcohol, soap, parabens, phthalates and...
Tiny Buds Calendula Barrier Cream 50g
The Calendula Barrier Cream is a long-wear formula specially made with Calendula to gently care for baby's bottom. One application creates a gentle barrier between baby's skin and the wetness to provide long lasting comfort. When to Use:-Before Bedtime-During Long...
Kindee Organic Happy Nappy Cream
Kindee Organic Happy Nappy Cream
Kindee is an International Brand offering natural and organic products for babies and children. We have mosquito repellent, bath, oral and skin care products. Items are imported from Thailand (made in Thailand, Korea and Japan). Demand for organic products have...
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