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Belly Wrap Couture
Belly Wrap Couture
Belly Wrap Couture
Belly Wrap Couture
Belly Wrap Couture
Belly Wrap Couture
Belly Wrap Couture
Belly Bandit

Belly Wrap Couture

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This is as close to life gets to having a reset button.

Designed for those with a passion for fashion, the Couture belly wrap can be worn under or over clothes, and features latex-free, medical grade elastic to gently reshape your waist, hips and belly.


Our exclusive PowerCompress Core™ is your secret weapon. Designed to work with your body's natural hormone, Relaxin, our Belly Bandit® technology helps accelerate the healing process and get you back to your pre-pregnancy size or smaller. Relaxin, a natural hormone, allows your pelvis and ligaments to soften for child birth and stays in your body for a limited amount of time after delivery. This is your opportunity to help shrink, tighten and shape your belly, waist and hips.

  • Lose inches & look slimmer instantly
  • Supports back, leg & core muscles
  • Adds support while breastfeeding
  • Provides comfort after C-Section
  • Helps minimize stretch marks
  • Accelerates healing
  • Applies medical grade compression to
    help expedite fluids through the body
  • May help with muscle memory and
    body shaping
  • Helps with abdominal separation also
    known as diastasis recti
  • Our exclusive Power Compress Core™
    is your secret weapon
  • 100% Latex free

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