Junju Banana Portable Potty
Junju Banana Portable Potty
Junju Banana Portable Potty
Junju Banana Portable Potty
Junju Banana Portable Potty
Junju Banana Portable Potty
Junju Banana Portable Potty
Junju Banana Portable Potty
Junju Banana Portable Potty

Junju Banana Portable Potty

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What is the product about?
Junju Banana Portable Potty is the first portable potty on the market which addresses the problem parents constantly face when traveling with young kids and toddlers – unexpected toilet emergencies! It is shaped like a banana when closed but when opened, it turns into a sitting toilet, which is also perfect for potty training your little ones. It is also perfect for nature and outdoor activities, camping, and even when stuck in traffic! Even in calamity and disaster preparations it can be used and brought along. For storage, the product fits perfectly inside glove compartments in cars, medium-size purses, and luggage/ carry-ons. Each Junju Banana Portable Potty comes with its own storage bag and 10 disposable eco-friendly biodegradable bags. The biodegradable bags dissolve within 180 days, resulting in a cleaner, healthier environment.

What is the product made of?
The product is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) which is one of the strongest, sturdiest, and lightest plastic polymers around. It also has a strong impact, heat, shock, and scratch resistance. ABS is also the same material in which LEGOs are made off and it is also the same plastic polymer used in 3D printing.

What are the advantages of using it?
Junju Banana Portable Potty answers the problem of needing to find a place for your child to relieve themselves suddenly or on-the-go.

Conversely, it also gives the parents peace of mind knowing that their child can relieve themselves in a moment’s notice anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, it helps in decreasing the use of excess diapers and wipes thereby helping families save more. It is hygienic such that it eliminates the need of looking for a public restroom which is not guaranteed to be always clean. Lastly, biodegradable bags help in contributing to an eco-friendly environment by reducing wastage.

How do you clean it?
Junju Banana Portable Potty can be cleaned using ordinary soap and water and wiped with dry cloth.

Is it environmentally friendly? Can the product be recycled?
Yes, ABS plastic, of which the product is made of, is one of the few plastics that can be recycled into other plastic products. The refillable biodegradable bags help greatly in reducing unnecessary waste. In the event you suddenly ran out of biodegradable bags, you can use an ordinary plastic, cloth, or paper bag as impermanent substitutes, thereby lessening your carbon footprint.

Size and Weight
Size       186 x 208 x 103 mm (when opened)
              114 x 208 x 135 mm (when closed)

Diameter 150 cm
Weight    320g
Maximum Load 80kg/ 176lbs (technically, adults can use it too!)

Age Suitability
Suitable as early as 8 months or when the toddler is old enough to sit by himself/ herself.

Colors Available
Yellow - Pink, Gray - Blue, Gray - Pink, Pink, Yellow - Blue


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