Moustidose Icaridin Mosquito Repellent 125mL

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Hydrating repellent milk for temperate and tropical zones and sensitive skin.

Moustidose repellent milk from the Gilbert laboratory contains icaridin; an effective active substance to repel mosquitoes to provide protection from mosquito bites which carry chikungunya, malaria, yellow fever or dengue fever. It is also effective for ticks. Ensures immediate protection up to 12 hours for the whole family and children over 6 months old.

Made for all skin types even sensitive skin, it is enriched with hydrating substances (aloe vera, glycerine, sweet almond oil) and a soothing agent (enoxolone).

How to use Moustidose Milk

For the body, apply 6 sprays from a forearms distance away (10-15cm).
For the face, spray the product into your hands then apply avoiding the eyes and mouth.
For effective protection, apply the product on all exposed parts of the body.
Repeat application every 12 hours and if exercising every 10 hours.
Repeat application after showering or taking a bath.

Moustidose Anti-Mosquito Milk is made for skin. Your online pharmacy, MonCoinSanté offers a range of repellent products for clothes.

Precautions for use

- Shake before use.
- Keep out of reach from children.
- Do not swallow.
- Do not apply onto mucous membranes or skin wounds.
- Not suitable for pregnant or breast-feeding women.
- Do not use if previous history of allergies.
- Limit application to 3 times per day.
- Limit consecutive application to 1 month.
- Do not apply in an occlusive way.
Advice: avoid applying Moustidose Milk on watches. This can seem something very small but in the heat of the moment an accident can quickly happen. (We have had some comments about this. )

Main ingredient
- Icaridin 25%

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