Munchkin Brica Stretch-to-Fit Sun Shade
Munchkin Brica Stretch-to-Fit Sun Shade
Munchkin Brica Stretch-to-Fit Sun Shade

Munchkin Brica Stretch-to-Fit Sun Shade

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Keep things comfy when you’re out and about with this stretchy sunshade that nearly doubles in size to fit the shape of your car’s window. The new Push-Lock suction cups keep the shade securely in place and the Opti-View™ mesh fabric shades your baby from irritating glare without blocking your view. Have a minivan, SUV or pickup truck? No problem! Just snap two shades together and your larger window is covered.

Made in the shade.

  • Stretchy shade material allows you to create a custom fit to most window shapes

  • Nearly doubles in size for expanded coverage

  • Newly redesigned Push-Lock suction cups provide superior spring-loaded grip

  • Opti-View mesh fabric blocks glare, not view

  • Join two shades together to create one extra-large shade

  • Shade stretches from 12 x 18 (30.5 cm x 45.7 cm) to 18 x 27 (45.7 cm x 68.6 cm)



For use ONLY on interior vehicle windows.

NOT for use on front windshield while vehicle is in motion.


1. Make sure windows and suction cups are clean and dry.

2. Position one suction cup in top corner of window.

3. Activate Push Lock™ suction cup by firmly pressing blue cap.

4. Stretch shade to desired width and position/activate second top cup.

5. Stretch shade corners to desired locations to create your custom shade shape and position/activate both lower suction cups.

NOTE: For a more tailored fit on sloped windows, connect snaps on same side of shade. This will shorten fabric on shorter side of vehicle window for a better look. 

6. If joining two Stretch-to-Fit shades together to span a large window, mount shades side by side. Connect snaps after mounting. 


1. Pull small tab on base of each Push-Lock™ suction cup to break seal between vehicle window and suction cup.

2. Store shade in safe place.

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