Scrub Mommy

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2 Reviews
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Scrub Daddy
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Cleaning & Sterilizing
Features:• Resofoam© – helps create moresuds with minimal soap• Similar features to Scrub Daddyfor the FlexTexture© sideBest used for:• Dishwashing• Glassware• Utensils• Pots and Pans• Items that don’t require toughscrubbing but want to becleaned thoroughly    
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• Resofoam© – helps create more
suds with minimal soap
• Similar features to Scrub Daddy
for the FlexTexture© side

Best used for:

• Dishwashing
• Glassware
• Utensils
• Pots and Pans
• Items that don’t require tough
scrubbing but want to be
cleaned thoroughly  


Scrub Mommy
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