Discover Living Toddler Revolving Bookshelf - White (MDF)
Discover Living Toddler Revolving Bookshelf - White (MDF)
The DISCOVER TODDLER Revolving 3-Layer Bookshelf for kids is perfect for your child’s growing book collection. We love that it is compact, so it works even in small spaces, and allows you to maximize your floor area for other activities...
Discover Living Cardboard Kits
Looking for fun and creative offline ideas to do with your child at home? Here’s are awesome DISCOVER TODDLER Giant Cardboard Kits that’s guaranteed to keep you hooked for days!Build it, design it and roleplay! It’s definitely a unique and...
Discover Living Toddler Learning Tower White 2in1
A Learning Tower is a Montessori-inspired tool that connects your little one to everything otherwise out of sight to him like the sink or kitchen table. It is a safe and secure platform to raise your child to bench height...
Discover Living Kids Cube Table & Chair - Wood
This 9-in-1 Cube Table and Chair Set is everything you need to get started on independent learning for your little one, then also easily transition into a bookshelf, storage rack or practical bedside table at home! As your child's desk...
Discover Living Toddler Crystal High Chair
Beautiful timeless design, perfect for minimalist homes. A functional and sleek mealtime essential, this DISCOVER TODDLER crystal chair is sure to blend seamlessly in any home interior. We love that it comes with many features, to adjust to your specific...
Discover Living Toddler Table & Chair Set
This minimalist Toddler Learning Table & Chair Set is perfect for getting your little one started on learning, and blending easily anywhere in your home.We love that it has curved edges, and includes a desk tray underneath so your child...
Discover Living Kids Multi-Purpose 3in1 Wooden Minimalist Table
This minimalist multi-purpose Toddler Learning Table is perfect for getting your little one started on learning and fine tuning motor skills at home. We love that it has curved edges for safety and good quality wood for durability. - You...
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