Baby Moby Disposable Breast Pads 60counts
Disposable Breast Pads  - Elastic bands surrounding the pads with 3D curve, shaped to support curve of the breast. - soft, dry, and comfortable surface -Airy design to prevent dampness - High absorbency Usage: to prevent milk leakage, placed on...
Medela Contact Nipple Shields
Medela Contact Nipple Shields help you breastfeed your baby if you have flat, inverted or sore nipples or an overactive let-down. Breastfeeding with Contact Nipple Shields Medela Contact Nipple Shields offer a durable, comfortable and convenient way to make breastfeeding...
Medela Disposable Breastpads/Nursing Pads
What mom doesn't want to be able to do more with less? Our disposable nursing pads offer greater value - they absorb more so you use less. Excellent absorbency and leak protection - day or night Discreet under clothing Comfortable...
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Medela Breast Shells
Medela Breast Shells
Medela Breast Shells protect sore or cracked nipples from friction before and after breastfeeding, giving sensitive breast tissue time to heal. Relief using Breast Shells Breastfeeding is a very special experience for you and your baby. Problems with your breasts...
Medela Milk Collection Shells
If your breast milk leaks excessively, meaning bra pads are not enough, you can use Medela's Milk Collection Shells. Support for breastfeeding mothers The soft silicone membrane provides a good fit, which means it is extremely comfortable. The collection shells...
Sunmum Ultra Thin Comfort Breast Pads 30's
Ultrathin comfort with soft touch  Super high absorbent with 5 layer extra protection Absorbing Breast milk >100ml/time with extra pad size 130 mm
Buds & Blooms Reusable Breast Pads
Buds & Blooms Reusable Nursing Pads are washable pads to prevent excess breastmilk from leaking on mommy's clothes. Each box has 6 pads (3 Pairs) as follows: 4 pcs Day Time Pads  2 pcs Night Time Pads Nursing Pads are made with multiple...
Naturebond Bamboo Cotton Nursing Pads
The Most Natural Beautiful and Comfortable Nursing Pads We always wanted to produce the most beautiful and comfortable set of nursing pads for all moms. It took us a number of years to research on developing cotton nursing pads that...
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