Purilyte Protect Plus Anti-Microbial Sanitizer
Purilyte Protect Plus Anti-Microbial Sanitizer with Q Ion Fusion Resonance Technology Sanitize and Stay Protected for up to 24 hours. This Revolutionary Self Sanitizing Anti-Microbial spray continuously repels and eliminates pathogens on surfaces. Infused with Q.ION Technology, The Worlds First Reso-charged Based Formulation which is...
from ₱180.00
Purilyte Clean - 500ml Trigger Spray
from ₱238.00
Purilyte Clean - 500ml Trigger Spray
Purilyte Clean is a mild all-natural alkaline, anti-oxidizing water-based solution that is highly effective in degreasing, cleaning and deodorizing.  It is a natural surfactant, and emulsifier that separate dirt from the surfaces.   It is good to use for: Washing glass/windows...
from ₱238.00
Purilyte SA Anolyte
Slightly Acidic Electrolytic Ionized Water (Hypochlorous Acid) - 100ml Spray Bottle Purilyte SA Anolyte is a ready-to-use liquid solution against viruses, bacteria, fungi & spores. Up to 80 times more powerful than alcohol & bleach with same concentration. Manufactured using high grade...
from ₱220.00
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