Known to carry Thailand’s #1 Breastmilk Bag, Sunmum is a popular brand that develops high quality food storage and breast milk bags that are perfect for new mothers. The brand is under Thailand’s “Thantawan” company, also known as “Sunflower” in English, and produces innovative, everyday products that everyone can afford. With the name behind the company symbolizing stability, confidence, and happiness, Sunmum aims to deliver daily mom essentials that are safe to use and a total value for your money.

Sunmum’s Breastmilk Storage Bag in particular won the ASEAN Plastics Award in 2014 as the Silver Winner. Made with a BPA-Free, pre-sterilized, and a Triple Zip-Lock feature that’s the first of its kind in the world, it has become the ideal go-to for moms that need the extra help. They also carry resealable Microwave Steam Sterilizer Bags and Food & Accessory Bags for keeping your baby staples sealed and fresh.

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