Gelai Daily Tea
GeLai Post Natal Recovery Daily Tea is vital in the Post-Natal recovery tradition. These special caffeine-free herbal tea blends will help with your optimal healing to CLEANSE, BOOST, REVITALIZE your body. GeLai Post-Natal Recovery Daily Tea Week 1 is consumed...
from ₱2,660.00
Gelai Herbal Bath
GeLai Post-Natal Recovery Herbal Bath is a traditional Chinese formula to expel wind from the body, relieve wind-related body pains & improve blood circulation. This can help expel the wind from the New Mom's body that is caused by losing...
from ₱1,860.00
Gelai Hot Chocolate Elixir
GeLai.PH offers a holistic approach to Post-Natal Recovery with nourishing dishes & drinks for every stage of the New Mom's Post-Natal Recovery period.Our Hot Chocolate Elixir is a unique concoction that offers warmth, deep nourishment & comfort in a cup. Made...
from ₱860.00
Gelai Lactation Support Set - Meal Plan
GeLai Lactation Support Meal Plan is 2-3 day menu plan consisting of key dishes that support Breastfeeding Moms. This plan includes dishes that help to increase breastmilk production & restore her health.Recommended for Breastfeeding Moms. Set includes the following: Clam Soup with...
from ₱4,060.00
Gelai Lactation Support Set - Soup'er Broth Set
Nourishing Soups with Super Nutrients. Best for sipping on, comfort for the gut, noodle soup or extra flavor for cooking.Recommended for Breastfeeding Moms. Food will be delivered every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Delivery fees direct from the kitchen are already...
from ₱560.00
Gelai Post-Natal Recovery Traditional Meal Plan
GeLai Post-Natal Recovery Traditional Meal Plan is a five (5) day menu plan consisting of the healing dishes inspired by the Chinese tradition of Post-Natal Healing. This plan includes specially selected dishes that help the New Mom rebuild her energy, replenish...
from ₱9,420.00
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