HoneySuckle Baby Food Bags 4oz. 25s
Product Description Meet every mom’s best friend—a 4-oz bag that serves triple duty. Honeysuckle® Baby Food Bags™ are actually three bags in one: a four-ounce breastmilk storage or pump bag and the perfect container to transition from breastmilk to food....
HoneySuckle Breast Pump Adapter pair
Good news: fits most pumps. Better news: fits your busy lifestyle. The Honeysuckle® Universal d’Adapter allows you to pump and bag breastmilk in one easy step.Simply slip the hooks on d’Adapter into the notches in our Honeysuckle 4 ounce Small...
HoneySuckle Breast Pump Bags 6oz. 25s
Can be used with Honeysuckle reusable pair of adaptors, sold separately.  Pump directly into the storage bag.One easy step for one happy mom. Why not eliminate a step and pump directly into your storage bag? The Honeysuckle® Breast Pump Bag and...
HoneySuckle Milk Storage Bags 6oz. 25s
Easy storage. Virtually leak-proof.Biodegradable. You’ll love these babies. If  you prefer to pump into a bottle first, the Honeysuckle® Storage Bag is the perfect container for storing and freezing breastmilk. Our bags come pre-sterilized and meet the highest standards in...
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