Nimble Cuddle Lover Baby Fabric Softener 1L
Nimble Cuddle Lover Baby Fabric Softener has been specially made for baby clothes and fabrics, leaving them looking and feeling like new. Super gentle fabric softener powered by plant-based ingredients Free from harsh chemicals Allergen-free making it ideal for sensitive skin...
Nimble Laundry Detergent
Nimble Laundry Lover is a detergent made from 88% naturally-derived ingredients, making it gentle on your kids’ skin and free from irritating enzymes, optical brighteners and dyes. Our unique laundry formula is proven to be as good as leading brands...
from ₱190.00
Nimble Milk Buster
Nimble Milk Buster is a baby bottle cleaner that uses plant-based ingredients to help you quickly clean milk proteins and fats from plastic. Unlike common washing-up liquids which are designed to cut through grease, Nimble Milk Buster uses plant-based ingredients...
from ₱215.00
Nimble Nappy Lover Cloth Nappy Detergent 1L
Nimble Nappy Lover Cloth Nappy Detergent is a simpler way to clean cloth nappies, leaving them sparkling clean and delightfully soft. Non-bio detergent powder specially made for cloth nappies A simpler way to clean cloth nappies, no need for extra...
Nimble Sticky Stopper
Nimble Sticky Stopper Antibacterial Cleaner is a safer way to clean and disinfect surfaces in your home and while out and about. Powered by plant-based cleaning ingredients Free from harsh chemicals, fragrance-free and contains zero bleach Proven to kill 99.9%...
from ₱180.00
Nimble Travel Cleaning Collection Set
The complete plant-based travel cleaning collection – keeping your little ones clean and free from nasties when you’re out and about. All our award-winning products in one! Our Travel Cleaning Collection contains a complete range of award-winning cleaning products packaged...
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