Iflin My Sweet Dreams Bamboo Pillow (For Toddlers)

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My Sweet Dreams Bamboo Pillow (for Toddlers)

 Pillow Size: 14 "× 25 "
 we choose to use micro fibers (Premium Grade) 100 % no mix with other types of fibers to get the most soft touch pillow. Fu is fit for the kids.
 Our Pillow will be quite long because we know that kids like to sleep, rolling around, so we don't sleep, fall down pillow and sleep soundly all night.
 come with a soft, soft, soft, cool, good ventilation.
 you can get a whole card to prevent the dirt in the pillow. It should be a hand, but if you recommend a bag, use the net, don't use hot water and don't dry it. (but if it's not very dirty, recommend it to the sun. Cherish the fibers and softness of the most pillow.)

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