2021 Goals That You Can Actually Commit To

By show of hands how many of you listed down your 2021 goals…(me)?

Keep those hands raised if you were able to follow your list for 21 days, consecutively… (puts down hand).

Okay, let us be honest, when was the last time you made yourself a list goals and ticked off everything in that list?

If you said yes, then kudos to you but if you are like me, you might be the type who starts off strong and then just suddenly falls off track midway. This year though, I find myself getting tired of doing things half-heartedly. I noticed that the lack of follow through has led me to a lot of clutter, physically and mentally and things just have to change.

I figured that if I set goals that will benefit me holistically then it would be easier to follow through. So I am sharing with your my 2021 goals that I am sure all you #NestMoms can relate and hopefully also commit to:

1. Schedule a “me” time. 

The new normal has given us a new schedule to get accustomed to. With the kids doing home learning, us trying to work from home and manage the house, this pandemic has brought a whole new meaning to the word multi-tasking. Putting our needs first and not feeling guilty about it should be in all the list of Nest Moms for 2021.

We are allowed to take a breather, to take a moment to ourselves to meditate, pray or even just drink a hot cup of tea.

 2. Make a To-Do List (and cross out tasks).

Make a checklist and rate the things that you find the most challenging and tackle them first. Once the hard tasks are done, everything else becomes easier. Remember to take it steady, if it feels like you are stuck in a rut, skip it and do something else, just remember to go back on those unfinished tasks.

Seeing tasks crossed off with get you a sense of accomplishment. Don’t forget to reward yourself like watching an episode Bridgerton on Netflix when the kids have gone to bed.

3. Print Photos From Your Phone

Have you checked your phone’s photo gallery lately? Mine’s 5,567 photos to be exact!

How about yours?

This year I started using OneDrive to sync all our devices and upload our photos. They get sorted in folders per month and it makes it easier to choose photos to print out.

Speaking of printing them out, The Nest APH tie up with Photobook Philippines has been extended! Get a FREE 6”x6” photobook with Photobook Philippines mobile app, and use the code :THENESTAPH.

 4. Minimize Carbon Footprint.

The easiest way to minimize your carbon footprint is to ditch the plastic.

I am obsessed with Zippies Lids, I use it all the time and mostly to cover the little leftovers from the kid’s meals. I like that it comes in different sizes because I can even use it to cover my mixing bowl to cool my cookie batter.

Oh and a neat trick to save my sanity during week days, pre packing sandwiches and fruits in Stasher silicone bags this way kids can easily get their snacks during home learning breaks.

 5. Drink Additional Supplements

If there is anything this pandemic has taught us, it is to take better care of our health. Vitamin and Zinc have become staple vitamins but consider adding supplements to your diet like Mega Malunggay and Mega Mangosteen which both contain antioxidants that help boost your immune system, extra plus for lactating moms because they helps increase your milk production as well.

In the chaos of the pandemic we get overwhelmed and sometimes even feel lost and by setting goals, it will give us a reminder of our direction, of our intentions.

If by the end of this year we still have not crossed out all of it, be kind to yourself, the important thing is making the first step to consciously make a change in your life. 


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