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Our product is a nursing bottle sterilizer with the sterilizing power of 99.9% . It releases anion to every corner inside the stored item which is not sterilized by UV. It also removes the odor of the UV sterilization.

High class technology is in every ECOMOM nursing bottle sterilizer.
• Embossing of the inner reflection plate maximizes the reflection angles to increase sterilizing efficiency for every part and every corner of the stored item.
• Our product releases anion, which is excellent for removing contaminated substances, dirt, and odors.
• Considering the importance of sterilization for the nipple of the bottle, the product is designed to disinfect the inside of the nipple by simply placing the nipple upside down in the round ring installed on the storage shelf.
• The reproducing power of a virus is maximized in humid condition. To combat this, the PTC heater fan drying method efficiently dries the remaining humidity and moisture in the product.
• It utilizes state-of-the-art touch function.
All new technology is concentrated in the touch function – with just a press of a button, it jumpstarts the drying-sterilizing-deodorizing process.

Anion sterilization & deodorization
It generates anion, which effectively purifies and removes bacteria and odors from the product. It also sterilizes, dries, and deodorizes simultaneously.

Shelf designed for sterilizing the nipple
The hardest part to sterilize can be easily done by setting the nipple upside down in the round ring of the shelf.

UV sterilization
UV ray used by the sterilizing lamp removes 99.9% of various bacteria and viruses.

PTC heater fan drying method
Ventilating dry heater installed in the product ensures the removal of residual moisture.

Reflection plate with embossing
The surface of high-class stainless steel inner reflection plate is embossed so that it can refract UV rays to reach all corners, which increases sterilization efficiency.

Touch Switch
The touch switch simplifies the appearance of the product, making it beautiful, simple, and convenient to use.

How to Use

Does it only sterilize nursing bottles?

ECOMOM anion nursing bottle sterilizer can also be used to sterilize other items too.

Accessories, razors, toothbrush, toys, thermometer etc. Spoon, chopsticks, water containers, knives, utility turners, ladle etc. Mouse, hand phone, remote controller, earphones, headset etc. Hair trimmer, scissors, comb etc. Glass, massage cups, acupuncture needles etc. Breast pump etc.

It is operated by tapping the icon in the operation panel.
ECOMOM features a touch type button, which is simple and convenient to use.

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