Comotomo Best Bottle Ever Product Launch

The Nest Attachment Parenting Hub, alongside a group of meticulous moms and moms-to-be were invited to the launch of Comotomo, “the best bottle ever”, last May 29 in Blackbird, Makati.
Beautiful tablescape at Blackbird Makati

Beautiful Tablescape at Blackbird, Makati

Comotomo is the latest feeding bottle to hit the store shelves by storm. Long before its arrival in the country, it has gained popularity among moms who are in search for the perfect bottle that will help ease the transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding and prevent bottle rejection.

Exquisitely Packaged Comotomo Giveaways

We are sure that many of you have extensively studied as to what brand of bottle to buy, only to come home to a baby refusing to use your carefully thought of purchase. Comotomo nipples are designed to mimic the natural shape of a mother’s breasts, to minimize the potential of bottle rejection. The wide-neck bottle features a “naturally shaped nipple” that helps prevent nipple confusion and make bottle-feeding as close to the real breasts as possible.

Comotomo brand Ambassadors unite! 

Colic or “kabag” is another issue we commonly deal with when we bottle-feed. Comotomo has addressed this concern and designed two built-in anti-colic vents on the nipple to make sure that your baby only drinks milk and not air.

Mommy Shen feeds her baby while in the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier

But what makes Comotomo Bottles truly unique is the texture of its bottle. The body of the bottle is made of 100% medical grade, soft silicone that babies cannot help but squish while they feed. Comotomo has replicated the softness of the skin into their high-grade silicone bottle because we all know that babies are soothed though skin to skin contact. The bottles can withstand high heat, like the top rack of your dishwasher, bottle sterilizers, microwave and even boiling water.

Moms rave on what they love about Comotomo

The design of the bottle is clean and sophisticated while the features pose to have comfort and convenience in mind. The shape of the nipple is designed to mimic a mother’s breast, there are no additional straws or contraptions to ensure the bottle is anti-colic and the opening of the bottle is wide enough to wash or “scrub” by hand. The soft skin-like silicone bottle provides a level of comfort to babies never been addressed before which is what makes Comotomo the #bestbottleever.

Tiffany of The Nest and Joy of Urban Essentials with Anne, distributor of Comotomo in the Philippines

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