Snug a Hug and Wallaby Mommy Caters to the Modern Mom

Snug A Hug

Each Snug-A-Hug is manually and carefully stuffed by hand, our pillows are unique and crafted to make sure to give you the right density and support while you’re pregnant. Unlike commercially manufactured pillows, we made sure each Snug-A-Hug will be with you NOT ONLY during your pregnancy, but also during your breastfeeding sessions and more! We’re simply gonna be there with you all the way. 

Wallaby Mommy 

Wallaby Mommy best to be described as a “transitional bag”. Another first in the industry to cater the multi-functionality of a modern mom. Wallaby Mommy bags does not only function as a “hospital bag but it can be your baby/diaper bag and most of all - knowing most modern moms are working moms…Wallaby Mommy can transition as a back-to-work bag! Because of its classic, versatile look you can surely bring it to work and double as your “Breast pump bag too! because each Wallaby Mommy bag comes with a matching cooler for your milk collections and Wallaby Mommy comes in different classic colors that is sure to match the DIVA in you. 
DID YOU KNOW that Snug-A-Hug and Wallaby Mommy are both designed by a mompreneur Minnie Jumaquio?
Being a mom and a homemaker, she made sure to come up with these products that are of  #bestvalue
 #bangforyourbuck goods.  A definite proud moment knowing that she was able to produce a well made item that caters to what a modern mom would appreciate. #lovelocal #pinoypride 
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