Iflin Baby, Thoughtful Design Meets Versatile Function

Iflin Baby Ph is the official distributor of Iflin Baby Bamboo Muslin products from Thailand. Main bestsellers are the burp cloths that won't fall off your shoulders. As an OC mom, I hate how the traditional white burp cloths just keep on falling off our shoulders and sometimes, even straight to the floor, happens most of the time especially when travelling. Some yayas don't even put it properly ending up like an unsightly hanging towel on their shoulders.

When we discovered Iflin Baby, we knew we just have to bring it here in the Philippines! With all its products' silky soft goodness and versatility, it's sure to be well received here and it sure did!

Why bamboo? Here are the reasons why our products are a very good investment for your babies:

1.) Incredibly soft and absorbent!

2.) insulation properties - regulates temperature, breathable, great for any weather

3.) Environment friendly

4.) UV protection - helps cut harmful UV rays - perfect travel essential!

5.) antibacterial - resists odor; bacteria does not live in bamboo fabrics

6.) Great for allergy prone skin plus antistatic properties

Thoughtfully designed and stylish product line for both moms and babies - you'll never want to leave home without it!


Iflin's custom 'silky-soft' products are made with baby in mind, with only the finest and gentlest materials carefully selected for your baby's delicate skin. Made from premium quality yarn with special weaving to make it touchable, softer, and more durable. Our bamboo muslin is a delight right out of the box, it gets even softer and fluffier with every wash, making it something you will treasure for years.

Let Iflin put heart-melting smiles on your baby's fave... and on yours too!

Shop Iflin Baby here.

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