Handmade with Love, Bubba and Kokok

BUBBA + KOKOK is a small business based in Davao City, Philippines. We offer a variety of handmade products such as children's (soon for moms) clothing, Infinity Scarves, Fabric Face Masks, Bandana Bibs and more.


Mommy Carol does most of our product collection. From research, pattern making, product sampling, to execution. Everything is personal. The inspiration is to make something our family would find useful and perhaps, will offer a greener alternative to essentials like our Fabric Face Masks. 

In this growing business, we wanted to take a stroll down memory lane and create some pieces that reflect where we came from. Chic, classic and contemporary..with a hint of modern vibe.

One of our dream is to build a community- based and sustainable business,to generate jobs especially to stay-at-home-moms, single parents, working students or to anyone who shares the same passion as we do. It's turning one's creativity into something that generates a decent income. This small business was able to cover some of our family's expenses, was able to send Bubba and Kokok to school, helped a few people bring food to their table and hopefully, we'd be able to help more.

Catch Bubba and Kokok's handmade goodness through this link.

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