Mrs. McKenic Tile & Grout Wonder
Tile and Grout Wonder is specially formulated to safely remove unsightly tile stains and lift off dirt from grouts with ease. It can also effectively clean pen or pencil marks from walls.Product Features: Effective on stubborn stains Pleasant fragrance Safe...
from ₱289.75
Mrs. McKenic Aircon Cleaner (Self-Rinsing) 374g
Mr McKenic Air-Conditioner Cleaner (Self-Rinsing) 374g Aerosol Mr McKenic Air-Conditioner Cleaner (Self-Rinsing) is a unique and timetested formula that clears dust and eliminates harmful germs trapped in air-conditioners, with its thick powerful “scrubbing“ foam that is self-rinsing . This improves...
Mrs. McKenic Floor Wonder 2L
Floor Wonder is a floor cleaning agent that contains a unique polymer formulation that cleans, protects and leave a long-lasting shine. Safe, water-based. Ideal For: Marble, Parquet, Granite, Wood Vinyl, Terrazzo, Homogeneous Tiles and Laminated Flooring. How to use Pour...
Mrs. McKenic Kitchen Wonder 500ml
Mrs McKenic Kitchen Wonder is an excellent cleaning agent for home use as it degreases various kitchen surfaces for a clean and hygienic environment. Made in Singapore Product features: - Contains no harsh chemicals - Leaves no sticky residue -...
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