Combi Brush Bottle Cleaner

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  • The big ring hangs on a hook easily.
  • The big grip is easy to grasp and wash even for Papa.
  • Sponge shape has been especially designed to thoroughly clean the feeding bottle shoulder and bottom.
  • The yellow sponge cleans stubborn stains with ease.
  • The green sponge is used to finish the washing thoroughly.
  • Special sponge design minimizes splashing when cleaning.
  • This product is intended for feeding bottle cleaning only. Do not use for other purposes.
  • Do not forcibly twist or pull the brush or it may detach from the handle.
  • Always wet the sponge before use.
  • Only use normal domestic grade detergent when washing. Do not use with bleach or mold removing or other harsh cleaning agents
  • After each use, wash thoroughly with fresh water to remove detergent and drain excess water. Otherwise, it may cultivate bacteria.
  • Keep away from fire. Do not soak in boiling water.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight for extended periods as color may fade.
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Combi Brush Bottle Cleaner

Combi Brush Bottle Cleaner

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